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New Tires Mount & Balance

New Tires Mount & Balance

All size tires available.  Low prices new tires mounted and balanced.   New tires at wholesale pricing.  Call us at 239.693-4733 for a quote on your new tires.   

One way to tell is to insert a penny, head first, into the tire tread. If you can see Lincoln's head, it's time for tires. But tire tread isn’t the only indicator of problems. If your tires are more heavily worn on the inside than the outside, or vice versa, you may also have wheel alignment issues that won’t be solved with a new set of tires.  Rotating your tires extends the life of your tires by preventing uneven wear.  We sell Cooper, Kumho, Falken, Nitto, Firestone, Toyo.  We replace, balance and rotate your tires with state of the art equipment to keep your car in top shape.  

Mount, Balance and Install Tires.   New Tires Starting at $65 per tire.  Tire Disposal Fee of $1 per tire. 

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