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Fuel Induction Service Wynn's Tune-up Kit

Fuel Induction Service Wynn's Tune-up Kit

Wynn's 3 Step Fuel Tune Up Kit is used to clean engine deposits.   It safely and effictively removes intake valve deposits, injector deposits, intake plenum deposits, throttle body gums and varnishes, combustion chamber deposits for affected gasoline vehicle fuel systems.    This service is recommended at 20 K mile intervals and helps restore lost power and improves both your car's performance and the fuel economy.  Keep your engine running in Top Shape with regular Fuel Injection Service.
How do I clean the gunk, carbon and dirt in my fuel system?   Gunk, Dirt, and Carbon build up in your car's fuel system and prevent the gas from flowing freely.   This can damage your car or truck's engine.   Is your car is sluggish,  sputtering engine, hard to start the car,  idles rough, or you are using more fuel than you should?  If you answered YES to any of these questions our mechanics recommend a $90.88 3 STEP FUEL INDUCTION service. 

Symptoms of dirt, carbon and gunk build up.
  • sluggish engine
  • hard to start
  • rough idle
  • excess fuel use

 Benefit of  Wynn's Fuel Induction Service
  • Easy Start Engine
  • Improved Engine Performance
  • Prevents Engine Hesitation
  • Improves Fuel Efficiency

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