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Attention heats up on Cooling-Off Rule

While a pivot to remote sales and home vehicle deliveries has provided greater convenience to consumers, the approach could expose dealers to a nearly 50-year-old federal law that regulates their ability to conduct a sale at a setting other than their permanent place of business.

Building relationships can lift profits long term

F&I strategies need to focus on building long term customer relationships, not just profit per vehicle retail.

AutoFi marketing VP: Transparency here to stay

Kerri Wise spoke with Staff Reporter Jackie Charniga on the new direction for the industry, meeting consumer demand and the role of digital sales amid the inventory shortage.

Federal agencies plan increased oversight of F&I

Compliance services are seeing a surge in business this year with regulators pledging increased scrutiny of F&I practices.

IIHS finds no slackers in Volvo's lineup

It's the first automaker for which every model currently sold in the U.S. has been designated a Top Safety Pick Plus.