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Pickup, light-truck supplies get skimpy

Inventory levels industrywide have dropped to an estimated 2.55 million, with the steepest declines among pickups and other light trucks.

Trailblazer, with low price point, aims to lift brand

As sedan options dwindle, the small crossover gives Chevy a roomier, more mature-looking option than the Trax in one of the industry's hottest segments.

Rail porter allegedly stole nearly 2,000 key fobs

A rash of vehicles showing up at dealerships without one of their two fobs sparked a two-year investigation that resulted in charges last week against a man who worked at the Detroit rail yard they were shipped from.

Dealer Anniversary

The dealer featured this week is Cary Curry, president of Curry Auto Center, a Buick-Chevrolet-GMC dealership in Bloomington, Ind.

Sometimes more urgent plans take precedence

Dealership technology companies found that they needed to pivot their product plans this spring to develop tools to help dealerships weather the pandemic.