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Retailers prime targets for data theft

Dealership finance and insurance offices, vulnerable targets for hacking or data breaches, are being hit by a rise in cybercrimes.

Lender apps offer customers value for data

Financial services companies are launching apps in hopes of collecting a greater volume of consumer data in exchange for offering features that customers will value.

New ideas needed to lift EV residuals

Automakers need to work with dealers and look for new opportunities to collaborate as they position themselves to sell EVs in today's market.

Titan adds gears for more power

The 2020 Nissan Titan full-size pickup debuts a new Japan-made nine-speed transmission, which the automaker said delivers on the No. 1 demand from truck buyers.

2019 Automotive News All-Stars: A stellar evening

There were cheers — and even a few happy tears — during the Automotive News All-Stars ceremony in downtown Detroit last week.