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BMW'S BERNHARD KUHNT: Wary of tariffs, confident about EVs

BMW's North American CEO has reason to be nervous about tariffs on his imported vehicles and parts. But his sales outlook remains optimistic.

Manley's outside hires will make FCA more competitive

FCA's chief has used his first months in the role to make some key organizational changes, including the outside hire of former Infiniti chief Christian Meunier as global president of Jeep.

GKN prepares for shift to electric awd

U.K. supplier GKN is preparing for a market shift, knowing that in the long term, its conventional drive systems will be replaced by electric all-wheel drive.

Miata fans get another chance at 30th anniversary MX-5

Mazda is shifting 143 more of the cars to the U.S. Mazda says the extra units will go to customers on a waiting list.

Flexdrive partners with Hyundai captive

Flexdrive CEO Jose Puente says the two companies share a similar marketplace perspective.